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Advising Navigate


Schedule Appointment

  1. Sign-in
  2. Select the blue “Get Assistance” button
  3. Choose Type of Appointment, Service Category, and Pick a Service
  4. Choose Advisor Location
  5. Pick an Advisor/Staff member. If an advisor is not listed, select “next”
  6. Select a day and time. Click blue button until you find a time that fits your schedule
  7. Check appointment information. If it is incorrect, contact the advisor directly
  8. Confirm Appointment

Cancel Appointment

  1. Sign-in
  2. Find “Upcoming Appointments” on the right-side
  3. Select the Appointment Reason (it will look like “CAMPUS – Reason”)
  4. Select “Cancel My Attendance”
  5. Select “Close”


A product of EAB, Navigate combines technology, research and predictive analytics to promote student degree completion at Washington State University. Through a platform known as Navigate, administrators, faculty, and staff are able to identify students who may need additional support. Students benefit from a coordinated and consistent platform to access academic advising, tutoring, and other student services.