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EAB Navigate

Requesting Access to Navigate


The process for requesting access to Navigate is identical to the way access is requested for myWSU. Individuals work with their supervisors to request access through their Area Authority. Once approved, the Area Authority will submit a request to Enterprise Systems staff will confirm the access has been successfully applied for the end user and let the Area Authority know that the access has been granted.

All requests must include: Name, Email, WSU ID Number, Job Title, Department, Campus, and Supervisor.

Navigate Roles


WSU_EAB_ADVISOR is designed for individuals who work directly with students in an academic advising capacity. The role grants access to review student profiles, create academic advising appointments, integrate Exchange and SSC Campus calendars, send appointment campaigns, among many others. NOTE: All users who have been granted the Advisor Role (AA03) in myWSU and have at least ONE advisee assigned to them in the current semester will automatically have the WSU_EAB_ADVISORS role in SSC-Campus granted to them.


WSU_EAB_Advisor_Athletics is designed specifically for academic advisors who work in Athletics. Prior to requesting access to this role, approval must be granted from Wanda Tennant, Coordinator/Academic Advisor, WSU Athletics (


This role is designed to run a ‘Student Center’ or ‘Kiosk’ in the Navigate system. Individuals in this role will be allowed to start the “Appointment Center” which allows for general management of student flow in Student Centers (i.e. Academic Success and Career Center, Student Resource Center, etc.). This also allows users to be able to cancel, delete, change, and add advising appointments. NOTE: Users with the WSU_EAB_ADVISOR role have permission to access the front desk and kiosk areas of Navigate


The student front desk role enables an undergraduate student employee to access the “Appointment Center” and start a Navigate kiosk. This permission allows a student user to create, cancel, delete, and change appointments. NOTE: This role does not provide access to student academic information.


This role is designed for individuals who need to view Institution Reports. This role may be most appropriate for Office of the Provost staff, Institutional Research staff, Chancellors, Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, and/or Directors.